Recent Events

2018 update

We have had quite a busy period during the last six months or so at the District Camp Site. As well as the normal run of the mill work we have also rebuilt the showers in our accommodation building. These were becoming rather down at heel. Together with the help of local contractors and ourselves we stripped out the old equipment back to bear walls. We would like to thank the various person`s that have assisted us in this project in particular Orillo of Malvern who have been a great help.

The work has achieved what we wanted it to one hundred percent.

We hope that all users will find the new facilities a great improvement to what was installed previousl.y

Operation Bald Eagle 2014

10 to 12 October

After an enforced break in 2013 Bald Eagle was back this time at a new venue of the Kidderminster Scouts camp site. One member of Malvern active support attended the event. As well as assisting in the set up of the event I also marselled part of the route on the night event. The event went very well.

Some Recent Events at the Camp Site

We have undertaken matainance work on our mowing equipment that we use to cut the grass. We have cleaned and lubracated all of our mowers. Other tasks have included repareing some benching that had some damged slats

District Fun Day June 2015

The District held a fun day in June. Malvern Active Support provided site support during the event to ensure the day went ok.

As well as the usual Scout type events there was a climbing wall as well as the inflatables that were on offer

Operation Bald Eagle 2015

One member assisted at his years event which was held at Rhydd Covert, Kidderminster`s District`s camp site. Friday evenig was spent setting up my tent for the weekend and then providing marshalling in the carpark. An evening meal followed prepared by the catering team.

Saturday saw me assisting in the morning in setting u the night base activities, this involved placeing all items that where required ready for the for the persons that would run the base to pick up. Lunch followed, I then assisted with other duties. I then prepared for my evening marshall stint. This involved picking up my evening luch pack and my marshall kit which included a tracking sheet and a two way radio set. I also made up some hot drinks. I then got a lift out to my marshall point which this year was on the outskirts of Bewdley. The event was set of by a meessage from control and I then waited for the people to pass my marshall point.

More to follow including pictures.


Thank you to the young leaders who have undertaken a great job for us as part of a team building event at the camp site. Their hard work on Sunday 24 January meant that all of the willow was cut and ready to be bundled up. This event allowed them to work as a team and take this experience back to their groups and units. More to follow


Redecoration of the accomadation building

The team have been busy with this project during the winter peroid as the building was getting a bit drab. The hall has been painted and also the leader rooms have been attended to. The kitchen has also been givern a deep clean.


Thank you to the District explorer`s who have helped the camp site staff with the annual willow bed maintenance which was undertaken during their weekend camp at the site. The work was undertaken in not the best of weather.

Other tasks that the site team have undertaken are a deep clean of the kitchen in the accommodation building which was getting a little tardy. We have painted the walls and cleaned all of the fittings and the cookers. A new heating boiler has also been installed in the building