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Here you will find all of the past events the Malvern Fellowship/Scouts Recycled have taken part in

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District Royal Wedding Camp May 2011




Around ten members of malvern Active support joined for this gathering which was held at the Chase Inn. During the meal stores were exchanged updates were givern as well as good food eatern


One member of Malvern Active Support attended this year’s event, which turned out to be a rather wet affair. Just managed to get my tent up on Friday and with an hour the heavens opened and it did not stop until the early hours of Saturday. The car parking duties where rather more interesting as we could not get many vehicles onto the felid due to the rain. Having had a good socking we retired to the class rooms and had our chip supper and a warm drink.

Saturday was the highlight of the event when the Chef Scout flew in for a visit as part of his tour of Scouting events around the country. He was there for one hour and managed to see quite a lot of what was going on.

The evening saw me up on my marshal point until the early hours checking teams as they passed by and giving encouragement to the ones that were finding it hard going. I was most impressed when quite a few of the teams said thank you to me, this meant a lot to me.



Refurbishment of kitchen

Acommadation building

Warren Oak

Pictures show old kitchen above and new kitchen below



old kitchen


Work has been undertaken this year (2010) in fitting a new ktichen to the accomadation building. The exsisting kitchen was getting harder and harder to keep in a fit state for use. We started on a Sunday evening by removing the exsisting kitchen from the building back to the bare walls, we then over the next few days propared the room for the new fittings. electrical, Plumbing and other work was carried out and then the job was handed over to a contractor to fit the new kitchen into the building. The pictures show the resuilting improvement.




new kitchen new kitchen two



Others things that the SAS team have been up to this year have been two camp sleep overs at the site to support the camps that were on at the time (see below).




District Royal Wedding Camp

29 April to 1st May 2011

At the District Site


Malvern Scout Active support provided site support during this event. When we arrived on thr Friday our first job was to look after the carparking to make sure cars were parked in the correct place and not blocking any exits. We then assisted with others dutes as needed. A few members slept over night in the barn. On the other days we provided general support as well as other jobs around the site.

Sunday was a special day as the anual St George`s Day service was held on the site, so we had to deel with a lot more cars than normal. After this event we made sure everyone left in a safe manner.

We also provided the same support for South Marches Cub Camp at the Spring Bank Holiday at the end of May 2011



The Chase Inn

Around twenty members of Malvern SAS attended this gathering and enjoyed the fine fare provided by the landlord and his team. After the meal a number of members received long service awards that were prsented by the DC


















Another successful event was undertaken by Malvern SAS at Ashton Under Hill which saw us running a base and marshalling a slightly different route this year from last year. We also helped with car park duties at the school on the Friday evening



The District Scout Active Support Team organised this event together with assistance from Hereford Active support. The day started with a chance for the competitors to warm up and to practise for the event which was to take place in the afternoon. This was interlinked with other fill in events which were a tug of war and five a side football. Lunch was taken after which the event got into full swing with hot competition between the teams as well as a scavenger hunt and a quiz to keep the teams occupied. After the close the scores were all added up to reveal the final winners. Refreshments were provided to keep the teams lubricated.

The winners received a flask for their efforts as well as a trophy and the overall winners were given a gift voucher which could be used to buy something for their group

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View of Archery Event View of Archery Event keeping the score View of Archery Event

Archery in progress                          Keeping the score                       Competition in full swing



Cub Orienteering April 2010

We again ran this event for the Cub section of our district. The event started early in the week when a few of the members met in the Old Hills to plan out the route. Early on the Saturday morning members met up to mark out the route and put up the makers etc. During the event we provided assistance to teams who needed it. Having seen all of the teams around the course, it was time to walk it again, this time to take down all of the route makers. The event was this year won by a team from 2nd Malvern and the prizes, provided by the Fellowship awarded, which were wind up LED lanterns that were very well received.

Prize Winners 2010

Prize winners of

Cub orienteering 2010

with their prizes

Picture with kind permission of

Ryan Heath

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Some of our members walked in the Brecon Becons this year, We were blessed with good weather although it was a bit warm at times. The pictures on the links below show us walking in the becons and of the views. Use your browsers back button to return to this page

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5

Pictures courtesy of Malvern SAS Members


St George`s Day Paraid Ledbury

We provided route marshels for some of the route for this years paraid. Also we attended the service so we could renew our law and promise.

Cub Fun Day Warren Oak

On this day we provided marshels to ensure all parents etc arrived and departed safely into and out of the car park and also carried out  other dutes during the day to ensure smooth running of the event.





Veiw from our base on Bald Eagle


A sucessful event was assisted by members of Malvern SAS with one member staying over for the weekend and more members coming out on the Saturday evening to assist with the base that we were running on the night event. The base was an activity where the scouts had to stamp on a board to lanch a rocket through a hoop. Picture above is a veiw from our base and below members working on the base.

Setting out our base Setting out our base 2 Working out how to run base

Working out how to run base reading up on the scoring system Testing how the base will work






We have also undertaken other tasks such as repaniting the building windows and refurbishing our trailer with which we use to move equipment around the site.

Update on the trailer refurb

Having removed all of the wooden deck that had gone rottern we have procceded to strip down the trailer. we have removed all of the rust with power and hand tools and also striped out the bearings in the wheels so we can regrese them. We have also started to prepare some new decking which will be fitted in due cause.

We have now painted the striped frame of the trailer in a green colour the resuilt is quite striking. We have also started to fit the new decking which has been prepared. The wheels have been striped and repainted with newer tyers due to be fitted.

The pictures bellow show the finished trailer its finished and painted frame and also of preparing the decking.

Frame repainted ready for decking wheel striped and ready for rebuild Wheel drum ready for refitting with bearings


wood preserving new trailer decking.jpg wood preserving new trailer decking. 2jpg.jpg

finished wheel.jpg new decking.jpg









21 Century Challenge Camp


Kidderminster’s Site

On the 2nd through to the 4th of July 2009

a few members took part in the County’s Challenge camp. This was the conclusion of about six months of work the participants had been doing within  their group’s The members of Scouts Recycled had been helping organise the challenge and the camp and during the weekend they assisted with various activities that had been set up for the scouts to do. One member was busy keeping up the scores and sorting the paper work with able assistance from another member and others while I assisted on the build a fire and burn through a length of string base, this was most interesting as the various teams thought of how to do it in the quickest possible time. Click on the links below to see pictures of this event (use your broswers back button to return to this page)

Picture 1 Picture 2


A few members went to Wales in May which was meant to be a walking weekend which turned out to be a social weekend which was good. We went to the Centre of Alternative Technology which was very interesting. It showed what could be done about climate change and alternate ways of making power etc for more information.

Vist to Nantmor Mountain Centre North Wales

November 2009

A few of our members went on a walking weekend to the above centre. It was rather wet but the members that attended enjojed the weekend. On Saturday we walked from the centre into the hills and down to Beddgelert and back to the centre. On our return we started to prepare tea and then settled down for the evening and talked, had a few drinks before driffting off to bed On Sunday we went into Portmadog and had a look in a Outdoor shop, walked up to the Harbor, had a coffee and then returned to the centre for lunch. We then packed our kit tidied up the centre and departed for home.

For more infomation on the Nantmor centre vist




This year events, as well as our normal activities within the Malvern District the Malvern Fellowship have been active with the centenary of Scouting celebrations that have been taking place in the District.

The first event that some of the members were involved in was a coffee morning and get together held at various locations around the district. This event was to allow publicity of Scouting and to let the public know of our centenary. It also gave a chance for past members to attend and to share memorabilia of past Scouting events.

The second event was a camp at the District Site over the weekend of the spring bank holiday at the end of May. This was over three days and included on Saturday where invited guests of past Scouting to attend in the afternoon. The camp was divided into to sub camps of the groups that attended with each group being responsible for an activity to run. The Fellowship provided site support as well as running an activity.

The next event the fellowship was involved with was not part of the district but was providing site support for Hereford District during their centenary camp held at the Malvern District Site. During the summer I was involved with the Wyre Forest Jamboree where I joined the Service team for a week of fun and activities which include a day trip to the main Jamboree in Essex. The memories of this will stay with me for a long time.

In September we provided support for another centenary event this time at Eastnor Deer Park which was where a Jamboree event was held back in 1937. The event this year was a fun day to enable a plaque to be unveiled and placed next to the 1937 plaques.

For those of you hat do not what the plaques are for, one was placed in 1937 as well as three oak trees to make the 1937 gathering, the next two were for the Queens Goldern Jublee in 1977 and the one for for 2007

Our final event in which members where involved was Light up the Beacon, members from all of the groups assembled on the beacon and awaited darkness to fall. Lights where then shone for all below to see.




Around fifteen members took part in this event, which started from the District Camp site. After we had put our tents up we all set off on the fist part of the ride. After about an hour or so we came to out first stop, which was Weston’s Cider at Much Marcle. Here we stopped and sampled some of what was on offer. After an hour we wobbled off to our next venue that was not to far away. This was a small farm into home brewing of various ciders. Here we stopped and tasted what was on offer.

After a while we started off again to our next port of call, which was called Greg’s Pit. On the way we sat in the centre of the oldest yew tree in the UK, which was in the churchyard at Much Marcle. Some of the branches on the tree were propped up to stop them falling off. We then set about trying to find the next watering hole. We eventually found it only to find the proprietor nowhere to be seen. We then set out on the last leg back toward Ledbury and our last stop. When we eventually arrived back at the campsite we had a bar b queue before playing a few games until it got too dark to see what we were doing.

This year 2007 we again did the Cider trail and also had a Bar B Queue in the evening back at the Camp Site.


APRIL 2007

6 members of Malvern Fellowship took part in this event. We started out from Malvern and after picking up other members and made our way to Wales and having found our intended location which was a car park near Talbont reservoir we set of over a small footbridge and through soon woods in order to access the mountains. After a mile or so we started to climb up one of the mountains. ( I can't pronounce the names of the mountains so I will not try) After an hour or so we arrived near the top of the range and sat down to have our packed lunch and a much needed rest. We then climbed another ridge and stopped to take in the view which was very clear and warm. After a few pictures we set off again. we then made our way back down by a different route back to where we had set off form in the morning. Although we have had a lot of rain in the winter it was interesting to note that the reservoirs were noticeably down on the water level considering the time of year also.


Members of Malvern Fellowship had a weekend break in Wales during which we undertook various activities. Some of us went for a walk along the costal paths while some had a day on the beach or looked around the area. We also played some games on the campsite and also on the beach.


This was a second try at kite flying, an earlier event while we had the bar-b-queue we did not do any kite flying due to the lack of wind, so we tried again and yes you guessed it there was no wind again, so we just had the bar-b-queue. Perhaps if we do the event a third time we might strike lucky. Anyway around eight of us had a fantastic event in a members back garden, we all but a few bits to make up the food

Malvern Fellowship

Canal Boat Holiday Summer 2005

Summer of 2005 saw members of Malvern Fellowship on a Canal Barge for a few days on the waterways. We started out from Malvern and met in the local pup in Gatain, which is near Northampton. We picked up the boat and after putting all of our kit in and having an induction to the boat and its workings we set off.

On leaving the boat centre we entered the grand union canal and headed north. We then cruised for a couple of ours before arriving at out first set of locks. It was then all off to operate the locks (apart from the person steering the boat). It took us a few ours to navigate these and by the time we got through it was too dark to carry on. We then had a meal and settled down for the evening.

The next day we cooked breakfast and set off still going north. We then turned right and headed northeast toward Market Harbrough. We came to our second set of locks; these were arranged in a staircase and went through a tunnel of about a mile in length. We stopped at a village called Crick and had lunch at a pub. We bought some things we were going to have for a Bar B queue in the evening and after filling up the water tank we set off again. We passed under a major A road were all the traffic was at a stand still. A Few hours later we decided to moore up for the evening and have our bar b queue before it got too dark. In the morning we decided to go as for as a place called Foxtern Flight, which is a set of locks arranged in a staircase were one lock is joined to the other. This was where we had got to the half way point were we had to turn around in order to be back at the yard in time.



The summer of 2006 saw us again on the waterway from the same boat yard only this time we set off south bound still on the Grand Union. We all met up at a pub in Gayton and tucked into various bits of what was on offer on the menu. We then departed for the boat yard. After we had been shown too our boats we then started to load all of our kit on board after which we were given a tour and instruction on how the boat worked. We then set off and after a short while entered Blissworth tunnel which at over two miles in length is one of the longest on the canal network. After around hafe an hour inside we emerged at the other end glad to be out of all the smug from others boats, we then moored up for our fist stop. We had a meal on the boat and later on went to the pub. The next day we set off through a set of locks and spent the day cruising slowly along. The next evening we had a meal in a canal side pub. We then carried on through the town of Milton kynes and eventually arrived at our turn around point that was Tring. We then retraced our route back to the tunnel where we stopped and had a look around a canal museum that was on site. This was very interesting explaining about how the canals were built and operated. All to soon our holiday ended and it was time to hand the boat back.

One thing that was interesting about the tunnel it was re lined and one of the rings used for this was at one end for everyone to see.




Six of us went too London for the weekend to see the sights and have a good time. We departed Malvern on the train around 1030 in the morning and arrived in London around lunchtime. After some of us had had a bite to eat we made our way the house and checked into our rooms. Two of us each shared a room. We then had a bit of time to relax and unwind before we all met up and went out into the centre of London to Convent Garden where we had a look around the old market. We then separated with some going off to meet some other people and some finding a place to eat. We found an eating-house, which was not too big, after which we went back to the house and later on found a pub. On Saturday we all did different things, I went to the Kew Bridge Steam museum which was on old water pumping station that used to serve London. They have bought various bits of kit from around the area and set it up to show how it used to work and what it did. In the evening we went to a Theatre show in the west end and show a play called the Producers that was about producers producing a show. We then went out for a meal, which meant we did not get back into the house until about 0130 in the morning.

On the Sunday we again went and did different things. I went to the science museum and spent a day looking at the various exhibits. All too soon it was time to come home.

Friday 3 February 2006

Ghost Walk around Worcester

Gost Walk

Ten hardy members went on this, which was all about the spooks of Worcester. Our guide was dressed for the part, as a ghost and after a warning about what could happen we set off. Our fist encounter was not to bad, the next was a nasty smell of rotting flesh, and then we encountered a flying bucket. We then had a cup of hot punch we calmed our nerves. Onwards we then had a few more spoofs and smells and finally finished up at the Commandry where we encountered flash bangs and the end of the walk. We then adjourned to a local pub for a calming drink.

Working Weekend at the District Site

January 2006

On this weekend we redecorated the accommodation building that was getting a bit tatty. We cleaned and painted the main hall and also the entrance hall. We also did the kitchen and gave the building a good clean. We hope to do other jobs later in the year.


Ashton Underhill

Evesham Worcestershire

This is an event with which the Malvern Fellowship have assisted in for a number of years now. This year we assisted with running the daytime bases, which took place around the campsite, these ranged from Pioneering to chucking the Wellington boot.

Our main part in the event was to set up part of the route for the night time incident hike, which ran along part of Bredon Hill. We marked out the route with the use of signs and flashing road lights and we also marshalled the important parts where the route changed direction bearing in mind by the time the event finishes the last participants will be in darkness. We also had to run a challenge up on the route, which was in the form of a spider’s web in which competitors had to climb through without touching the web before they could go on, they were awarded points for this towards the overall score for the event

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