9th Bromsgrove - May 2012

9th Bromsgrove held an Introductory Executive Training Course on the 28th May 2012.
The presentations used are attached below - in PDF Handouts and PowerPoint.
The key handouts available were:

The ScoutBase role descriptions for Executive Members (Chair, Secretary, Tresurer and Member) for both Group and District.
The Group Chairman, Group Secretary, Group Treasurer and Group Supporter guides which can be down-loaded from the Executive Support parent page on this website.

Further full Executive Training Courses have been arranged as follows. Whilst these are arranged in Districts, Executive Members from Groups, Districts or County are welcome to attend (but please book a place first):

23rd September 2012 morning in Malvern. Contact Ken Allcock (LTM The Malverns) for more details

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