Safety in Scouting

This page is under construction and is aimed at helping members of scouting in Malvern to put in place the correct paperwork to meet current regulations, if you have anything that you would like to see added to this page then please email

Risk Assessments

Each group / section should carry out att least a basic assessment for all activities. General everyday scouting activities at te HQ should be covered in the overall building assessment. Minor differencies can be done verbally or better still just noted on a scrap bit of paer and put with your records. It doesn't have to be onerous, but the risk do need to be considered.

For higher risk activities (eg shooting, Archery, Climbing) it is important that you have a formal record to show that you have considered the hazards involved in the activity and what you have done to minimise those risks. A formal risk assessment is not a difficult or time consuming thing to do and is best carried out with at least a couple of people.

Fire Regulations

In 2005 the government issued the "Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order 2005". This covers all non domestic premises including our Scout Headquarters.

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You must ensure that you have assessed and managed fire safety within your headquarters. Including carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment and have in place a fire safety plan.

More information and templates for assessments can be found on these websites

Gloucestershire Fire Service

Fire Risk Assessment Template

County Durham Fire service

County Durham Management and Emergency Plan Template