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Malvern Scout Active Support exists to provide support and help to Scouting in Malvern and its surrounds. We do this by responding to requests for help from groups and also the District. Some members are also attached to Groups within the District. We also have an active programme of our own as you will see as you read through this. I hope you enjoy it. I will add more events as they happen. During the centenary celebrations of 2007 it was decided to rename the Fellowship as Scouts Recycled although we are still also known as the Malvern Fellowship, now as Active Support We are full  members of the Scout Association.

Are you new or have you just moved to the area and did you belong to Scouting in another part of the country. Have you taken semi retirement. Have you been an ocasionial helper. If you would like to join Active Support and are currently involved in Scouting in Malvern then please use the contact detail on the home page of this site and we will be in toch with you.

For those of you that are totally new to Scouting the following link will be of use where you will be able to find out lots of information on what Fellowship/Active support is about and what we do. Please also read the E News which is at the bottom of this page

With the joining to the Scout Association of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Camebridge as a volunteer on a part time basis, I hope this will inspier you to join us, even for one event a year.

Well done to two of our members who have gained the Silver Wolf award an award within Scouting .

I would like your feedback on what you think of the Active Support and Fellowship web pages. Please submit to

You will have to copy and paist this mail address into you mail software

I do hope that having read about us in the pages that follow, that you would like to join us.






This is an a event that we have organised for a number of yeas now and it seams to go down well with the cubs It is run on the old hills which are near to Malvern and is common land with trees and scrub, it makes it more interesting for those taking part. For those of you that do not know what orienteering is, it using a compuse to find a route from a to b.


We have also helped with the swimming gala that is held at Ledbury pool that goes down well with the groups.


We provide assistance to the annual St Georges Day Parade which is usually held in Malvern PrioryChurch, the largest church in Malvern, we put out extra chairs and also put out the order of service and we also help with the parade which is from the Library grounds to the church. It gives Scouting a chance to show what we have got to offer as well as to renew the law and promise.



We have also had a number of working weekends at the District campsite where we have completed a number of quite substantial projects the most recent being the completion of the assault course we have done lots of other jobs as well such as painting fixing things making racking and all the other jobs that need doing. Some of us also help with the day to day running of the site such as bookings and letting people on and off the site. During these weekends we usually stay at the site in the building that is on the site and we usually have a good atmosphere to the weekends.

During large camps or events that are held at the District Site, we also provide site support.


We have had a number of these weekends over the years at a number of sites, we have helped at Kinver Camp on a number of weekends and also at Rydd Covert, we have good fun as well as getting some jobs done for the sites. For example at Kinver we have done jobs such as moving hard core for a path to putting up new fences and we have done more or less the same for Rydd Covert.

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